Long Live the Queen...The Other Queen.

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1553 was a big year for Henry VIII's court, and this week was especially busy. He officially deposed of one queen, and quickly declared another. It's good to be king.


Portraits of Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn

On April 9th, 1553. King Henry officially ordered his first wife, Queen Catherine of Aragon, to cease using the title of queen. Three days later, he declared his new wife, Anne Boleyn as the new Queen of England. Her coronation, played to a less than enthusiastic crowd, was held June 1st of the same year. 

Catherine's reign had lasted 24 years. Anne's would last only three. But their fates were similar. These women were the only two of Henry's wives to be coronated as queens. Each gave birth to a daughter who would eventually rule England, and each died out of favor with Henry...although Anne's death was a bit more dramatic.

The story of Henry, Catherine and Anne would change Europe and the fate of England. Read more about it here.


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