Pancakes and Pudding

Posted by by Janet Dooley on 4 January 2012 in category in Tudors in Popular Culture - 0 0 Comments

Thanks to the British Library, I recently found this link on Twitter. It offers an intriguing gimpse into what the Tudor kings, or their subjects, might have eaten. Pancakes anyone?


Errr...maybe not. According to these recipes, pancakes were made with ale (beer pancakes?) and puddings included livers and lights...whatever they are. I guess pudding meant something entirely different to the Tudors than they do us...although I do see sugar and cinnamon...that would be "Synamon"... in the list of ingredients, so perhaps there's room for interpretation here. Either way, it offers an intriguing glimpse into the diets of the Tudor era. Take a look and see if you're game for any of these dishes.

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