Is This Anne Boleyn?

Posted by by Janet Dooley on 4 January 2012 in category in Henry VIII - 0 0 Comments

Using face recognition software, scientists may have identified a portrait of Anne Boleyn. Art historians have long debated whether the portrait is of Anne or of Henry VIII's third wife, Jane Seymour. Because most portraits of Anne were destroyed after her beheading and fall from grace, there remains only one positiviely confirmed depiction of Boleyn, and it is a crude rendering on what is called the Moost Happi medal. But is science about to change all that?

The Nidd Hall Portrait currently held at the Bradford Art Galleries and Museums in the UK.

Even scientists using the software admit its limitations, one being that artists have different styles and no two artists would depict someone in exactly the same way. There are far more variables than are involved in using the same software to identify faces in photographs. Nevertheless, they are sticking to their claim, and believe that the woman portrayed in the portrait is indeed Anne Boleyn. Read more about this discovery and the software used to identify it.


A reproduction of the original Moost Happi medal. The original is held in the British Museum.

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