Are You Related to Kings?

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A few British media outlets are joining forces with Cymru DNA Wales to test current Welsh men with the surname of Tudor, hoping to find genetic links to Britain's most famous royal dynasty.

Henry Tudor, who became Henry VII of England and founded the Tudor Dynasty, descended from the Tudors of Penmynydd, Anglesey.

(Credit: The Daily Post)


Cymru DNA Wales is using advanced DNA testing to trace the genetic history of the population of Wales. And in answering the question, "Who are the Welsh," the group is also hoping to find modern descendants of the Tudor Royal family. 

The series, which will be broadcast on S4C beginning March 1, will explain how modern genetic science can help reveal the human story even beyond our recorded history. Many Welsh celebrities will be participating in the program, and organizers are hoping men with the Tudor surname will also volunteer to be tested. It is hoped a link to royal line, which died out with Elizabeth I, can be found.

So what do you think? Are you related to kings?


Click here to read more about the Tudor DNA search. A YouTube video, explaining the Cymru DNA Wales project in greater depth can also be found here.

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