Who Wants to Sleep in Henry VIII's Bed?

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Most of us would give a definitive "Not me!" to that question, but Anne of Cleves, Henry VIII's fourth wife, never had much of a choice. She was pressured into the marriage by her family, only to arrive in England to be famously rejected by her husband. But before everything went bad (as in before they met) Henry had commissioned a marriage bed headboard for his wedding night.


Part of the Burrell Collection in Glasgow, the headboard from Henry VIII's and Anne of Cleves marriage bed is traveling to London for Christmas where it will be shown at the New Bond Street Bonham's location.

Featuring carvings of flying cherubs, a demure maiden and a virile, lusty man, the headboard did little to encourage marital relations between the two. Henry VIII was so unattracted to Anne, that the best use they could think of for the bed was a rousing card game. Read more about the Bonham showing here.

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